Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here! Now, grab yourself a latte and a comfortable pew and listen closely, because this is important.

It’s important because it’s all about you. Whether you’ve never really considered yourself as the ‘creative type’ or work every single day in the Creative Industries, you’re in the right place. Because we’re all about your ‘Creative Core,’ which we believe exists in every single one of us – regardless of the day job.

Your ‘Creative Core’ is the part of yourself that isn’t breathing, thinking, making or doing something for any other reason than the energy it brings to you. The warm feeling the act of doing gives you inside: the sense of satisfaction it brings. Whether it’s splatting paint across a canvas, rustling up a dinner, pruning your succulents, building a robot, planning an adventure, planning to act on something that’s incredibly important to you, organizing a party with friends – we want to know whatever that thing is that you really enjoy to do. We understand that being happy and healthy in life requires us to know what the things are that help us to grow and nurture that energy house within.

This is the perfect place for inspiration! We are a young dynamic community that connects individuals with ideas to encourage you to get the most out of life and perpetually nurture your creative curiosities. We’ll provide interesting thinking points and inspiring ideas. We’ll help you to ask the right questions and explore how you think you can develop your ‘Creative Core’ while observing the journey of others on a similar page to you. We hope you’ll leave with a handful, if not hands full of inspiration and are here to support you in your steps to becoming a more creative and fulfilled version of you!


 We run: (click for further information)

Creative Retreats in the UK. These provide the essential time and space for your creativity, in beautiful surroundings and with like-minded people.

Community events and activities in London to support you to nurture your creativity and join forces with others with a similar desire to enrich and fulfill their creative core.

We provide:

Inspiring ideas and content to get you engaging with what’s going on in the community and fill yourself up with motivation.

1:1 Support to help you engage more deeply with living a creative life and kick-start the ideas you want to become a reality.