December 31, 2016

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been a teacher of sorts, for everything it has challenged us with. But we won’t dwell there too much, we can’t. For 2017 is awaiting and requires from us a fresher, more progressive mode of thinking.


There are people who never set goals. In fact the word ‘resolution’ sends them frowning. It can definitely feel overwhelming when we try to identify our purpose at New Year and are swamped by reminders of what we are still to acquire. But intention setting is great, because the root of it is not concerned with scarcity. It’s not about setting goals based on a fear of what isn’t within our reach. It’s about what we really would like to engage with in a time period, that, at its core, brings excitement and inspiration. Ideas that give off sparks and get us revving. And the world really needs that energy right now, the world needs us to engage with what we want deep inside, if we are to make it a place in which we truly wish to live in.


Intentions feel lighter. They help us to understand ourselves so that we can identify the value we can add to the collective. They ask us to narrow down what we want to the bitesize: like little chocolates. They can be specific phrases or words that resonate with us and are more focused on the theme of what we want to be feeling or living rather than just material outcomes. The climate we co-exist in demands new breeds of listening and acceptance, not judgement; a type of unity that supersedes division. In order for us to begin to connect more meaningfully with each other, we must first seek true fulfillment and connection within ourselves. Intention setting is great for this. Listen to Wellness Coach Debbie who explains how she does this every year with an intentions jar:


To make space for the New Year, there will inevitably be certain things we will all need to let go of, especially those that do not support what we seek to achieve on personal and collective levels. Clearing out our bedrooms and our back gardens, our limitations and bias, is necessary, so that the seeds we sew have the adequate space to grow and come true.

The best thing about intention setting? It promotes simplicity. The encouragement to peer at oneself, even for just a moment in the mirror to reflect on our lives and ensure we are aligned with what we truly wish to achieve. The process of identifying very simple words and phrases that help us to align with the reality we want to be living. When coming from a place of love, these are also normally very basic, simple, positive things.

Among other things, 2016 has taught us some treacherous lessons about division. Intention setting can help us to engage with ourselves at our core, where we find ultimately we have more in common than anything that separates us. We are all working towards similar hopes and dreams. Let’s allow ourselves time starting tomorrow to engage with what we authentically desire for ourselves and ensure there’s very positive vibes associated with each of those things. As we celebrate each forward motion, who knows what New Year’s Eve 2017 will bring.


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