Creativity is something we all have in us, however we choose to connect with and express it. Creativity is not bound to one single definition that was imposed on us at school, university or by any other means. Engaging with our innate creative energies; with the things we make and do that bring us vigor and energy, if stuck to, puts us on the path to optimum fulfillment.


Creative Retreats UK ran from 2014 to 2016. A safe space imagined for estranged creative spirits, in the thick of the Sussex forests and far far away from the London drudgery. A place to let ideas flow out and the fresh, replenishing air float in. They were the brainchild of Co-Founders Maxine Clay and Sarah Weiler, who were both at the time exploring ways to reconnect with their own creativity. The weekends were a huge success, exceeding expectations of outcome and bringing together many wonderfully curious, kindred spirits.



The October’16 Creative Retreat was a huge success! After two incredible years and countless stories of evolution within the community, Maxine and Sarah realised that to truly relish in the benefits of the creative process, they wanted to give time and attention to their own personal projects, priorities and energies. They decided to draw this chapter to a close, with an instilled sense of accomplishment and pride for all that the community has achieved. They do not plan to run any further Creative Retreats at this point, but would encourage visitors to use these pages as creativity jump leads.

Wishing you all the best in your Creative Journeys….